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Currently, there are around 1000 Indian students studying in Israel across different universities and institutes. A majority of these students are pursuing post-doctoral and doctoral studies.

Israeli universities are keen to collaborate with Indian institutes and Universities and there are several academic agreements between universities.

In recent years, Government of India has launched several initiatives to enhance linkages between researchers and institutions which has led to strengthening of academic cooperation with Israel.

At TAU you will able to find plenty of Indian with vibrant community. We laugh, celebrate, eat and enjoy together and in case of need whole community come forward to help each other. Even all fellow International students are very friendly and you will always feel at home.

Indian Food Shops

There are plenty of food stores and restaurant are Tel Aviv to cater the need of Indian cooking. Even few Indian stores deliver products at Broshim Campus. 

To give you fair idea about the range of Indian Products available at Tel Aviv, here is the list of few of items.


Some Popular Indian Stores at Tel Aviv

  • Om Indian Store

  • Bombay Indian Store

  • East and West Store

Some Popular Indian Restaurants

No need to worry about Indian food, everything is available here and you can cook your Indian food...

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