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Thapar-TAU 3+2 master in Engineering Track

Question 1: List of courses the students need to complete at Thapar before their arrival.

Usually, students are given background prerequisite knowledge in the field of probability and statistics of random processes, analog circuits design, electromagnetic fields, etc.

Question 2: What courses will the Thapar students need to take at TAU?

Course requirements: Research Track Students must take at least 2 courses from the 5000 layers (including at least one in Mathematics); and at least 2 courses from the 6000 layers. Students may take up to 3 courses from the 4000 layers and a 4th with permission from the supervisor and the School's MSc Committee.

For more information: Click here

Question 3: What courses will the Thapar students need to take at TAU to fulfill their Bachelor’s Degree?

Generally, the following 5 courses are required to be taken by the students towards completing the bachelor’s degree.

  1. Analog circuit design

  2. Random signal and noise

  3. Waves transmission and distributed systems

  4. Electronics lab 1

  5. Electronics lab 2


Question 4.    What are the specializations they can choose at TAU?

Students need to mention their field of interest through a Statement of Purpose. The different fields of specialization can be found out through the following link Click here.


Question 5.    What is the minimum combined GPA they need in order to apply?

5.1. Only outstanding students will be selected for the 3+2 Thapar-TAU program.

5.2. Students at the top 20% of their class, following 5 semesters at Thapar, are eligible to apply.

5.3. The Electronics department in Thapar will conduct the first screening interview for interested and eligible candidates.

5.4. Thapar will give TAU a list of eligible students, their GPA (following 5 semesters), ranking in class, and Thapar interview evaluation.

5.5. Finally, selected candidates will be interviewed via skype by the School of Electrical Engineering faculty at TAU (together with 1-2 colleagues).

Question 6.  What fellowships will be received?

6.1. During the first semester, the Thapar students will not receive any fellowship from TAU, as they will focus on completing their B.Tech. degree here at TAU. But sometimes, it depends on their advisor. If he allows them to do research work, they can get a fellowship from the beginning of the first semester. From the second semester onwards, students start with their research work and MSc courses. The fellowship begins from then onwards. MSc students receive a  fellowship of approximately 3400-4200 NIS or maybe more, depending on their advisor and faculty of engineering. It should be emphasized that fellowship given to Thapar students can be re-evaluated towards the beginning of every academic year.

6.2. TAU will reserve a dorm room for each Thapar student. The students are responsible for the payment. Thapar institute will give the students a scholarship of $4800 during the first (but not second) year at TAU. This scholarship typically covers approximately half of the dorm's room expenses, depending on the room type availability. During the second TAU year, the students will not receive any particular scholarship for the dorms.

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